Monday, March 31, 2008

Rapids Reserves Draw 1-1 With Galaxy

Herculez Gomez continued his way back from injury with a good run-out for the Colorado Rapids Reserves as they tied with their LA Galaxy counterparts Sunday. Having played a small part in the first team game the night before (enough time, however, for an entertaining bit of argie-bargie with David Beckham, he played for 64 minutes in the Reserves game and managed to score the team's only goal. This is good news for all Rapids fans as the team struggles with a mounting injury list. The other notable fact about this game? The Galaxy started it with only ten men. I don't want to read too much into this but doesn't that seem like a club team? Could it be symbolic of a lack of organization in the organization? This is the second team of a professional MLS outfit, not a pub side. It's almost unbelievable that they would start a man down. I wish them well because I want to see Beckham do well this season for the sake of the game but it isn't exactly an auspicious start.


Anonymous said...

"Argie-bargie"--that's funny. You gotta love the English phrases. It's great fun to detest the Galaxy and wish for their downfall (while giving Beckham his due props and respect, and less derision than we bestow upon Mademoiselle Landon Donovan), but you can only hope that the team is less dysfunctional than it appears. A conspicuous failure for LA this season would be a black eye for MLS (see: NY Knicks or Miami Heat). Even so, while I was at the match on Saturday I couldn't help but snicker at the laughably lame Galaxy fans, a bunch of somewhat metrosexual preppy looking beach volleyball types in Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch uniforms.

Nick Thomas said...

Joey, I'll try and get some more English phrases in in future posts. I could have used the old standby of "handbags at 20 paces" which is what Gomez and Beckham seemed to be playing at. Thanks very much for the comment.

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