Sunday, March 16, 2008

Beckham to Miss Opener v Rapids?

Remember last season when the pseudo fans demanded their money back because Mr. Beckham wasn't able to play in the game against the Rapids because he had just played a game for England, flown back to play for the Galaxy the next day and, rightly, realized the schedule was ridiculous? Well, as we anxiously await the season opener in two weeks against LA, the talk seems to be that Beckham is very likely to play in the England friendly against France, just three days before the opener at DSG Park. Seems a bit too familiar a situation? Even if he escapes any injury in the game against France, the prospect of a potentially freezing day in the Rocky Mountains may not look too pleasing for him and the LA organization amidst all the jetlag. I don't doubt Beckham's professionalism and I think LA will do everything possible to play him but it does have eerie comparisons with last season even if there is no other MLS game in between like last time. Still seems a little odd to me that he would be selected for the national team given a lack of serious match practice but that seems to be the word on the street. I hope to see him play but not as much as I hope the Rapids run out comfortable winners and give us a warm feeling for the season ahead.

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