Friday, March 28, 2008

Altitude Credibility Gap; Local Media Almost Absent

Watching the Altitude TV preview of the Colorado Rapids' upcoming season last night, I was tolerating the blandness of it all until all credibility was lost. The main presenter was smooth and professional enough but all hell broke loose when some hyper enthusiastic guy came over the air to describe the Top 10 Plays of 2007. From the moment he opened his mouth, it was clear he knew nothing about this kind of football. And it reached the nadir when he described the MLS All Star Game last season as against the Irish team, Keltic. Yes, that's right. Not only did he get the country wrong (the first British team as you all know to ever win the European Cup) and, to my knowledge, the only Scottish team ever to win it, but he also pronounced Celtic with a K. It kind of beggars belief. The show didn't get off to a great start when it happily showed a Niko Hernandez cut out staring out at you (couldn't they have updated it to at least get current players on the screen?) but this paled into insignificance given the Celtic fiasco. The good news is that it will no doubt be pulled from the screen for further viewing.
This does somehow reflect the apathy of local media towards the Rapids. The season opener is tomorrow with one of the biggest stars on the planet coming to DSG Park and there is barely any coverage of the event. There are obviously some local reporters out there who want to do more on the soccer front in Colorado but it seems to me that the powers that be at the local papers and TV channels are indifferent at best. I hope the team will be able to persuade them otherwise this season. There are certainly enough fans out there who would love to see improved media coverage.

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