Friday, February 29, 2008

Rapids Say Adios to Nico, Buy Crew Defender

Maybe I was dreaming it all but the Brazilian rumor has been replaced by cold fact. The Rapids finally offloaded Nico Hernandez and bought a defender from Columbus Crew, Tim Ward. I'm not really sure what happened to Hernandez. He seemed a good prospect earlier in the season last year but abruptly fell out of favor. It didn't look to me as if his form had radically dipped even though, like everyone else, he wasn't exactly ripping the nets apart. It does kind of lead to speculation that there was some kind of falling out either with teammates or with the coach. Who knows? Anyway, he is off to Ohio so we'll just have to wave the Argentinian flag for Erpen instead. Now, we have another defender. Not sure how he is going to fit in with the current depth we already have at defense. Am I the only one who sees it as odd we have sold an attacking player for another defender when we could barely score last year? Despite the ambitious purchase of Christian Gomez, which will undoubtedly add flair to our attacking play, I'm still having difficulty in seeing just who is going to be the main goalscorer. Maybe the Rapids will persuade Arsenal's Emmanuel Adebayor to come over to Colorado while they are training with him this week and next? Just kidding. As much chance of that as Eduardo trotting out for the Gunners this weekend.
What a segue. Quick note on Eduardo's injury and fallout because enough has been written on it already. Martin Taylor made a poor tackle in the early minutes of a Premiership game before he was really focused on the game in hand. Eduardo is a supremely gifted player and Taylor was too late with the tackle. What has impressed me about Taylor, who has scarily received death threats from some of the nutters out there, is his trips to the hospital to see Eduardo. This guy is obviously distraught at what happened to a fellow professional. It may have been a bad tackle but it was not a malicious one and he deserves support to get him through it just as we all wish Eduardo back on the field as soon as possible. The Croatian star has been absolutely outstanding for Arsenal this season and he is sorely missed by all true soccer lovers.

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