Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blatter Needs to Calm Down - Nobody's Dying

The Premier League puts forward a proposal to play a few extra games around the globe and you would think that they had suggested murdering Sepp Blatter's Mum. Blatter himself comes out and says "not over my dead body," hot on the heels of the Asian FA chief equally ridiculing the idea. So, the only conclusion is that the feigned outrage has nothing to do with the proposal but much more to do with who is in charge of the global game. Blatter cannot stand anybody challenging his fiefdom and his ridiculous outbursts reflect that. It's just an idea, that's all, and it's not a bad one. Let's at least look at it and think what can be done. I'd personally love it if Arsenal played whomever at DSG Park. If they do, I'm sure they will give Mr. Blatter an invite and I think he might just show up.

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Andrew said...


I'm excited to read your comments on my hometown team, The Rapids, and our best and most missing mascot, Rapidman... where did he go?

Hope to see you at indoor practice next Thursday night for the Brewer Veterans... and hope you will play with us this spring in the outdoor season.