Sunday, January 27, 2008

Senegal Crash to Defeat - Bouna to Play Next Game?

Senegal look in danger of not qualifying for the next round of the Africa Cup of Nations after crashing to Angola 3-1. The only silver lining on the cloud is that Senegal veteran keeper, Tony Sylva, had an apparent nightmare, gifting a goal to Manchester United-bound Manoucho. Not great news for team confidence if the coach feels compelled to drop him but it could at least give our favorite son, Colorado Rapids' Bouna Coundoul, a chance in goal. Still not sure what the pecking order is between him and his rival as they battle for the number 2 spot but he may have a chance. The Senegal group is not exactly going to plan as Tunisia look likely to beat South Africa. They are 3-0 up at the time of writing. I think it goes to show that all these teams are improving and that some of the more established African names (Nigeria, Morocco, South Africa) are facing new challenges from up and coming teams. This can only be good for soccer globally.

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