Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Renaissance Man

Maybe finally dumping the long-suffering girlfriend and having all that time off worked but it is hard to believe how many lives Sven Goran Eriksson has. When England were predictably dumped out of the World Cup by Portugal and the "urbane Swede" finally resigned, many thought his coaching life was over. A brilliant coach in Italy but his game was up at the helm of the England national team at least two years before he eventually walked the plank. Silly affairs and too much money. And then he turns up at Manchester City and has performed a minor miracle. The blue side of Manchester is playing attractive football and has the talent and depth in the squad to maintain it. Granted today they only beat Newcastle, whose fans are suffering even more than Derby's, but it was a polished performance topped by the tactical genius of two substitutes combining to score the nail in the coffin goal. He just comes up smelling roses time after time. How does a man who is even more banal than Beckham in interviews do it? I don't know but I wish I had some of it bottled.

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