Thursday, January 17, 2008

Burciaga to Rapids But Where Are The Strikers?

Rapids coach Fernando Clavijo called the From The Pitch radio show Tuesday night and intimated a trade with Kansas was imminent and so it proved. Jose Burciaga Jr. will suit up in the maroon and blue at DSG Park come March 29. This all seems fine and dandy. An attack-minded defender who can create and score goals and who is a consistent veteran of seven seasons and still only 26 years old. What concerns me slightly is speculation the Rapids may be looking to sign another defender currently playing abroad. A mighty fine article from our friends at The Black Panther speculates on who it could be (see link below). If it turns out to be true though, shouldn't we be focusing on more attacking options? We need to strengthen our attacking midfield and certainly our striker options. Unless someone is leaving. The defense has proved itself pretty sound and will be strengthened by Burciaga but our main problem of not scoring goals is still far from resolved.

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