Saturday, December 29, 2007

Let's Talk About Cesc

A crazy day in the Premiership. Tottenham bash six past Reading and nearly lose and West Ham continue their jinx over Manchester United. Apart from discussing how long Spurs can keep Berbatov, the talking point of the day for me was the sending off of Everton's Arteta for an apparent elbow on Fabregas. I say apparent because the referee was taken in by Cesc's antics as he sprawled on the ground, his jaw apparently shattered by the blow. Arteta may have had his arms up a bit high but he barely touched the midfield genius. I love to watch Fabregas and the way he plays with Rosicky and Hleb but I can't stand to see this sort of behavior. Miraculously, he was back on the field seconds later only to be soon removed by Wenger after a booking. Many people were predicting Everton, a much improved team this season, may have nicked this game but the stuffing was taken out of them after the sending off and they collapsed to an unfair 4-1 defeat. Fabregas is right up there among the European elite but this sort of behavior does him no good. Anybody wonder why Ronaldo didn't quite make it as World Player of the Year and Kaka did? Because Kaka is class on and off the field and some of the younger players still need to know what that means.

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Jim Flamini said...

Came across your blog through soccerblogs. Just wanted to say I completely agree with your post, and actually wrote one of my own right after seeing that. Keep up the good work.