Monday, December 3, 2007

DSG outdebates Invesco Field

This is a soccer blog, not a football blog, at least here in the US anyway. However, I feel I have to get a sentence or two out there about a major difference I see between local soccer fans and local NFL fans when it comes to standing up, being counted and no longer taking BS from the powers that be. There is some genuine unhappiness out there about the Rapids' decision to hire coach Clavijo for another season after the disappointments of 2007. I'm not going to enter a discussion here about the rights and wrongs of that but what I am grateful for is that at least there is a major debate about it from the fans' side. And, I think, the organization is at least willing to listen to frustrations. So, my point. As I watched the former Superbowl champions lurch to another crappy defeat at the hands of the equally crappy Oakland Raiders yesterday, I wondered aloud for the umpteenth time about the status of Mike Shanahan as the Broncos' coach. Remember that this defeat was on top of the snatch defeat from the jaws of victory shambles against Chicago the previous week when the punter got all the blame for giving the ball not once, but twice, to one of the best ever returners. Granted, it was not exactly brilliant decision making on the hapless punter's part but where is the criticism of the coach for even allowing it to happen? The truth is that a coach has a shelf life in any sport, no matter his past exploits. If it's not working anymore, the time has come for exit. Good God, coaches are sacked at Real Madrid even if they win the Championship one season because they didn't win the Champions' League at the same time. Shanahan brilliantly won the Superbowl not once, but twice. But that was a long time ago and the Broncos need a change. However, there will be none if the fans just keep showing up, paying for their excessively priced tickets and don't complain. They might want to come along one day to DSG and appreciate the fact that at least we have a debate about it.

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